A criminal attack on our donation page

Dear Friends and supporters – This weekend some criminals with thousands of stolen credit cards decided to use the American Cancer Fund and American Cancer Association website donation pages to see if any of these cards were still ‘live’. Almost 1500 attempts were made (in very short bursts of time frame) on our website pages before internal security shut down the donations. Unfortunately, all actual donations were shut down as well. If you had trouble making a donation from Friday 4/14 through today Monday 4/17 please contact us for assistance. As of 4pm eastern time on Monday 4/17 all of our system interfaces are restored and donations should process as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused but we and other charities have no way to anticipate and stop this type of criminal behavior. It has cost us dearly as well. Not only are we missing more than 3 days of donations, but we are also charged more than 25 cents per authorization attempt. Hopefully some generous donor will offer to cover these costs.

Please note: NO credit card information was stolen from us. When you donate, we encrypt a data transfer to the banking system and we have zero donation/credit card information stored when you donate. In other words, we have nothing for the crooks to steal. We hope these cyber criminals are caught soon.