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American Cancer Fund® – What we Fund

In addition to providing relevant and up-to-date cancer information and educational resources, the American Cancer Fund also provides Cancer research grants to organizations that work on cancer cures, treatment, detection, and research projects, and have shown the ability to effectively use the funds they receive. We have also provided a grant to the Patient Advocate Foundation for the outstanding support they have provided to our cancer patients.

For those of you that are concerned about planned parenthood, we do not provide any funding. However, we are aware of the life saving cancer screenings they perform on 2.5 million women annually.

Below are just some of the projects for which ACF has provided grant money:

  • support for medical research in finding effective treatments and a cure for skin cancer;
  • promising research into the early detection and successful treatment of lung cancer;
  • research for fighting blood cancers, Leukemia and Lymphoma;
  • professional case management services provided at no cost to individuals anywhere in the United States;
  • research and treatment of pediatric catastrophic diseases; and
  • innovative research to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer.




It is important to note that we are NOT the Cancer society but we do use 89 cents of every dollar we raise on our cancer fighting programs. By comparison, the Cancer society spends over 60 cents per dollar on their pension fund and over 30 cents per dollar donated on fundraising. That leaves about 9 cents on the dollar to pay all of their salaries and do  research. If you’d like to see why we know this and why we are sharing this information, click on this report from the TV channel in their hometown of Atlanta. We did not write this report, we are just sharing it so you know where your money really goes at the cancer society. Hopefully after you read this, you will donate to us so that we can help the thousands of people seeking our assistance.

Thank you for your support.