Cancer Treatment Basics


What Cancer Treatments Are Available?

The Cancer treatment used most often are:

  • Surgery or cutting the cancer out
  • Radiation or using energy rays aimed at the cancer cells
  • Chemotherapy or using drugs that kill cancer cells
  • Hormones or blocking the cancer cells from growing

Reliable Links for Cancer Treatment Basics


Understanding Chemotherapy – An Introduction

Chemotherapy is the general term for any treatment involving the use of chemical agents to stop cancer cells from growing. This site gives you a good basic understanding of Chemotherapy.

Radiation Basics

Radiation therapy works by damaging cells. Normal cells are able to repair themselves, whereas cancer cells cannot. New techniques also allow doctors to better target the radiation to protect healthy cells. This site gives you a good basic understanding of radiation basics.

Understanding treatment options

Here is a good article about treatment options. It refers to brain cancer but the philosophy is universal.

The website RT Answers has some valuable explanations regarding what to expect before, during and after radiation therapy. Here is the link:

Understanding Cancer Prognosis

If you have cancer, you may have questions about how serious your cancer is and your chances of survival. The estimate of how the disease will go for you is called prognosis. It can be hard to understand what prognosis means and also hard to talk about, even for doctors. The National Cancer Institute has a very good explanation. Click here to read about prognosis from the experts.