Donation Options

What are my donation options?

Supporting a charity can take many forms. Here  are some donation options for the American Cancer Fund. Donations may be made online at this website or through the US mail.

Memorial Donations

Has a friend, relative or loved one passed away? Looking for the best way to honor their memory? Has the family requested a donation in lieu of flowers?

Consider an American Cancer Fund memorial donation. We send personalized notes based on the information you provide. Click here to get started with an online donation. Our memorial notes are usually mailed within 48 hours of receipt of an online donation or check sent in the mail.

Honorarium Donations

If you want to Honor someone that is living, wish a Happy Birthday, Congratulate a couple on their wedding or other accomplishment consider an Honorarium donation. Again, we send personalized notes based on the information you provide. If you are honoring a friend that has just been promoted or has a special occasion, give us enough details to send an appropriate message. Click here or on the orange box above to donate online now.

Checks for both memorial and honorarium donations should be made out to the

American Cancer Fund and addressed to:

American Cancer Fund

PO Box 7262

Hillsborough, NJ 08844

If you are sending a check, please provide the name and address for notification along with the name of the deceased or person being honored. If you tell us the relationship between the recipient and the deceased or person being honored, we can personalize the memorial note. (For example: This donation is in memory of John Doe. Can you please send an acknowledgement to his wife Maryanne Doe and Family)


Click here for information on naming the American Cancer Fund in your will.

Planned Giving

Click here for more details on planned giving.

Again, you can donate online now by clicking on the orange button at the top right hand side of the page. Thank you for considering us.