Do you enjoy shopping online?

Have you considered ‘Shopping for a Cause’ or ‘Buy for a Cause’? These are great ways to support your favorite charity without opening your wallet, using your credit /debit card, or writing a check.

You sign up with a regular shopping network like Amazon or IGive and the stores where you shop gives us a percent of the sale. It’s that simple. It’s a one time sign-up and each network will provide a link for using it and you will pick your charity – American Cancer Fund – American Cancer Association.

Here is a list of some of our favorite Charity Partners using Shop for a Cause or Buy for a Cause:

Amazon – Yes, that’s the largest and most well known. Sign up once at and chose either American Cancer Fund(ACF) or our subsidiary American Cancer Association(ACA) as your preferred charity. When you shop, log in through your account and Amazon gives us about .5% of the sale. It is one of the smaller donations, however it starts to add up after a while.

IGive – IGive is another big Shopping mall of your favorite stores that sends a donation to American Cancer Fund and our subsidiary, American Cancer Association when you buy online. Every store supports us with a different %. Typical store donations run from .5% to 8%. There’s Macy’s, Petco, Revolution, Flowers, vitamins, Chewy, and about 2300 other stores. This is one of the best opportunities for our charity. Check out the stores and their giving percentages as there are specials all the time at
is now available to shoppers at QVC where the donation to us is 3.2%

Ebay Giving – Works similar to Amazon. Check out the options at:  You can also sell goods and have a % of your sale go to American Cancer Fund/American Cancer Association. We’d love to have your support.

Giving back is as easy as shopping. More to come! Last updated on 10/27/2021